We are located in the beautiful Long Beach area. A short drive away from the beach. You can step outside and enjoy the ocean breeze or step inside and enjoy our professionally designed and tuned recording studios. Choose between our two rooms. Studio A, our flagship studio fully loaded with industry standard plugins, mic pres, speakers and mics. Record anything from vocals to a full band here. Studio B, a smaller more intimate room made for podcasting and recording. Mzoundz is the home to Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Latin, EDM and many more. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and engineers to make that unique idea in your head come to life. Here at Mzoundz, we believe that you deserve to record in a studio that inspires you as you create. 

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Vocal Booth

Analog Mic Pres

Yamaha Ns10

Lauten Audio

Apollo x8

Custom Audio Computer(Mac OS)


Vocal Recording

Full Band Recording


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Vocal Booth

Apollo Twin


Mac Pro

Vocal Recording



The art of recording is more than just standing in front of a mic and recording.

Our engineers will make sure of:

- Correct mic placement

- Correct vocal technique 

- Correct gain staging

- Comfortable headphone mix


A great vocal recording can make mixing a breeze. Mixing is included during your session time or remotely.

Mixing includes:

- Leveling of all tracks

- Vocal Editing and Tuning

- Proper EQ and dynamic processing

- Effects processing 

- File prep for mastering


The final stage before letting the world hear your song is mastering. Mastering is more than making your song louder.

Our mastering service includes:

- Balancing of song frequency ranges.

- Dynamic processing of whole file to tame transients.

- Correct output level for all physical and digital streaming platforms.


Studio A is capable of podcast recording and streaming. We offer different levels of services when it comes to podcasting whether it's just recording or a full show production.

Different levels offered:

- Audio Recording (Multitrack and 2Track)

- Audio and Video Recording/streaming ( Multitrack, 2Track,Video File)

Meet tHe Team

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Gilberto Benitez  Head Engineer/


Gilberto, better known as Gillbee is an LA native. Born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area Gilberto grew up surrounded by different cultures listening to rock, pop, Latin at home to hearing hip hop, rap, and RnB on the radio. The end result is a unique blend of all genres and the ability to add different elements in songs where others may not think to. Gilberto is a self-taught musician of 10+ years with drums being his primary instrument. Music opened a path for him to explore leading him to discover the technical side of music. Engineer and producing quickly became a passion for Gilberto. After graduating from High School he decided to go to Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California where he obtained a certificate in Audio Engineering. He also credits part of his knowledge and skills to have come from the many years of hands-on experience and most importantly from overcoming obstacles. Gilberto spent 4 years working as lead engineer for multiple studios in Los Angeles but wanted to start his own studio where he could create a home for passionate artists seeking to take their sound to the next level, thus leading him to start Mzoundz. He currently works with many rising artists such as "WRKINSILENCE, Michael Coveto, Tshyne, Aiyana Lee, Tay Moneyy" and many more. Gilberto's primary genre is RnB / Hip Hop, but his passion is for all music. Thus, he is able to work with any genre out there. His resume expands from rap to pop, rock, folk, international, and beyond.


Peter Iuretig

Audio Engineer

Peter James Iuretig is an award winning engineer and producer who has been helping artists achieve their creative visions for 7+ years. His background in music theory and performance brings a natural and musical approach to the technicality of engineering. His passion for all genres ranging from R&B/Hip-Hop and Pop to Electronic, Folk, and Indie Rock has created an eclectic palette from which unique sonic visions can be discovered. Peter began his musical trajectory playing in bands and making music in his hometown of Portland, Maine. Once he began recording in studios in the area, he knew that that was where he belonged. That was when he began assisting under the tutelage of renowned engineer Jayson Whitmore at Penumbra Recordings. From there he went on to attend the audio engineering school at New England School of Communications where he won awards for his work and graduated summa cum laude at the top of his class. That determination and love for music landed him a job working at the world famous Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood where he brushed shoulders with and worked alongside some of the best engineers and producers in the industry. These experiences and achievements have led Peter to Mzoundz where he now engineers and mixes songs for a number of artists across all genres..


Michael Lozano, also known as “Mike” is a Hip Hop/R&B Producer from Lincoln Heights, California. Growing up, music was not an option in his household, where he grew up around Latin, Rock, Rap, Reggae and Electronic music. He now lives in Long Beach, which where the City played a big role in his passion and pursue in music, starting off as a Steel Drum player from middle school till high school, then turning into a DJ, playing for house parties and local venue shows with friends and finally turning into a music producer in college. From West Coast Synths to 808 slides, Mike has worked with rappers Slim400, JP Tha Ruler, Kooda B and many many more around the industry with his production team. Now producing for 5+ years, he now plans to expand his career in Audio Engineering, being taught by several elite engineers, including Gilberto, leading him to Mzoundz, working with Reggaeton, Hip Hop & R&B artists. His passion for music will always be everlasting and plans to give his very best work every session.

Mike Lozano

Audio Engineer

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