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7 guests capacity
Full band, podcast, vocal recording productions and songwriting sessions.
Outboard compressors, mic pres.

Smoking patio



We are located in the beautiful Long Beach area. A short drive away from the beach. You can step outside and enjoy the ocean breeze or step inside and enjoy our professionally designed and tuned recording studios. Choose between our two rooms. Studio A, our flagship studio fully loaded with industry standard plugins, mic pres, speakers and mics. Record anything from vocals to a full band here. Studio B, our smaller more intimate room. It is equipped with a a great mic and mic pre perfect for vocal recordings and writing sessions. Mzoundz is the home to Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Latin, EDM and many more. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and engineers to make that unique idea in your head come to life, as well as providing a sanctuary where you come to be creatively free.  Here at Mzoundz, we believe in no creative judgment

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The art of recording is more than just standing in front of a mic and recording.

Our engineers will make sure of:

- Correct mic placement

- Correct vocal technique 

- Correct gain staging

- Comfortable headphone mix


A great vocal recording can make mixing a breeze. Light mixing is included during your session time.

Mixing includes:

- Leveling of all tracks

- Vocal Editing and Tuning

- Proper EQ and dynamic processing

- Effects processing 

- File prep for mastering


NOTE: Full mixing is not included in price each engineer will determine mixing price.


The final stage before letting the world hear your song is mastering. Mastering is more than making your song louder.

Our mastering service includes:

- Balancing of song frequency ranges.

- Dynamic processing of whole file to tame transients.

- Correct output level for all physical and digital streaming platforms.

Meet tHe Team

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Head Engineer


Audio Engineer


Audio Engineer


Audio Engineer

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